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'Constant Growth, Constant Knowledge'! This is the credo by which i live my life.  I believe that one never stops growing, and that one never stop learning.  I love this life, and everything in it. 

I've been in this industry for over 20 years, and I love what I do!  I took an interesting route to get to where I am today; combining years of work in the field, mixed with different levels of education, and experential knowledge from traveling all across the globe.  'Knowledge is power', and I take great joy in the endless pursuit of knowledge.

To this end I have obtained an

Associates in Culinary Arts  - University of Bahamas


Bachelors in Culinary Management - Le Cordon Bleu

I'm 1 semester shy of my Masters in Agriculture, Food Science and Management - WSU.  This was suspended due to covid.  However I look forward to completing both my Masters and PHD in relevant studies over the next few years.

I've travelled all through Europe, USA, and Canada, learning, grownig, exploring, and picking up various tools in the process to help guide and shape not only my Culinary and larger professional life, but my personal life as well.

When it comes to cooking a have a diverse set.  I've learned a lot of different cuisines; and through time, training, passion, and effort learnt how to blend it all to create my own unique style of fusion cuisine.  If left to my own devices I believe in always pushing the envelope, giving your all, and being flexible to whatever may be thrown your way.  As I like to say; 

'The greatest tool a chef possesses is flexibility...

...and a good knive.'

Although I love a good multi-course meal with wine pairing, I'm well versed in all the different styles of service, from a simple backyard bbq to a multi-layered fine dining affair. Balance is the name of game, and I aim to give you and your family a memorable experience.

Renauldo Coakley

Our Team.

Chefz Senzations is a company made up several chefs and helpers.  As requests come in then I would allocate a chef to you based on availability and group dynamics.  This allows us to position ourselves to handle more clients and larger groups.  We go all over the island as needed.  We come to you home; prep, execute, serve, & clean up before leaving.  Below are a few our primary employees that make the magic happen

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